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Wireless Networks - Wi-Fi

Wireless working with The One Point could not be simpler - we can integrate you home, office and outside working environments into ONE, SAFE and SECURE working platform.

A computer may be stand-alone or linked together to create a network.

Networking is possible through a cabled system or via a wireless network.

The wireless network generally employs some type of remote information system that sends data by waves to the receiver. This process has many benefits and we at The One Point have great experience in designing, installing and maintaining wireless networks to clients on both a local and national basis.

We employ systems such as:

Cisco, HP Procurve, 3 Com, Alvarion and Motorola

Whether you require a point-to-point solution, voice over Wi-Fi, or enterprise wide multi-access wireless network, we provide expert assistance in delivering the right we offer a range of wireless services for your business, including:-

  • Wireless Network Setup and Installationwi-fi installations by The One Point
  • Wireless LAN setup
  • Wireless LAN configuration
  • Wireless LAN installation
  • Wireless LAN design
  • Wireless WAN
  • Wireless router setup


For further information contact us and ask about Wireless Networking.