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Support Contracts

Flexible IT Support contract are available from The One Point - from 1 PC through to a complicated network solution - get in contact to find out more.

The monthly support contract consists of a fixed monthly base price starting from just £100, with a list of bundled services, and all other maintenance and support hours calculated and charged monthly.

The following services are provided for the fixed monthly base price without any hourly support cost:

  • Basic proactive remote server maintenance including server service packs and regular security and spam filtering updates for Windows, servers desktops and related applications
  • Remote monitoring of internet connections, site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs), mail servers, backup systems (requires Data afe or equivalent software), antivirus systems.
  • Annual visit to client site(s) with audit of IT systems and costed recommendations report
  • Advice for all IT systems hardware and software purchases, including sourcing quotations from different suppliers where required by funders
  • Dealing with hardware warranty issues for all equipment purchased through The One Point I.T. Services
  • Basic IT systems advice by phone or email (excludes more involved or detailed consultancy work)
  • Remote Support 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday
  • Free Data Safe Backup - Backing up of critical data hald securely offsite at our in house datacentre