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First party and third party opted in business data available

Text Marketer

Send out sms text to your client base, alert them to your latest offers


With E-Marketer it's simple to send out newsletters or E-Shots.

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Access your account and knowledge guides.


Remote I.T. Support Services

Don't struggle with your IT issues - contact The One Point and our IT specialists will remote in to your PC and fix your problems whilst you relax, calm down and put the kettle on.

The One Point is more than just a phone number to call when problems occur, it is a complete network support solution that utilises many proactive and reactive methods to ensure you get the most out of your I.T. equipment.

You receive access to advice, troubleshooting and remedies from a team of I.T. professionals which minimises any downtime. By using remote-access technology, you don't have to wait hours or days for an engineer to attend your site - you can have an immediate response within minutes!

We have found that 90% of all I.T. related problems can be rectified using our instant remote support service try it out now by clicking the link below on the right hand side.