Buy Business data

First party and third party opted in business data available

Text Marketer

Send out sms text to your client base, alert them to your latest offers


With E-Marketer it's simple to send out newsletters or E-Shots.

Client Areas

Access your account and knowledge guides.


Pay-As-You-Go Support

Pay As You Go IT Support is The One Point's get of jail FREE card - call us for a competitive quote.


Pay As You Go IT Support from The One Point allows you and your company to budget for when things go wrong.  Are you concerned that by entering into a Monthly IT Support Contract that you will not get value for money?  Then our Pay As You Go IT Support service is the one for you.

All maintenance and support work is tracked using ticketing system and calculated on an hourly basis. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis a statement will be issued itemising support time usage and showing your monthly fee.

Please note Pay As You Go Support is provided on a first come first serve basis, All of our contracted support customers will take priority over pay as you go customers.