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At The One Point we can design, propose, install and maintain your complete IT infrastructure.  With offices in Hull, Manchester, Dorset and engineers available throughout the UK we can ensure that you get the very best service and price.

The IT Infrastructure within a company underpins the entire communications process and the ethos within an organisation. 

It is important just how important the IT infrastructure is, however, many companies only truely appreciate the importance when the system breaks down or fails in someway.

No matter the size of the organisation The One Point has a solution to all IT infrestructure needs.

Each area of IT infrestructure is covered in the naviagtion to the left.

If further information is required please contact us to discuss your situation.

As technology grows so does the need for a complete data network solution, now computers control most of the day to day life and the technology we use around us.

We need computers to be fast and reliable. As we upgrade the PC’s, TV's, CCTV, and now media,lighting and audio.that we use in the work and home environment. one part of this solution is not only forgotten it is the last part of the solution to be considered.

Here at the one point we can provide a complete network infrastructure and solution to meet the needs of any business or home, with there been so many different types of rules and regulations. The One Point staff are here to make that easy. So that you just plug it in.

The staff at The One Point are here to help from. Planning to design and implementation and day to day maintenance of the network. All Data cabling installation and design are  carried out by The One Point's trained engineers for many years.

We have vast experience of Cat5e, Cat 6 and Cat 7 solutions for a wide range of clients covering all market sectors throughout the UK

 Services Available:

  • Com's cab relocatescat 5, Cat 6 and Cat6e cabling infrastructure with a full turn key and projected managed installation can be achieve via The One Point.

  • Server room design

  • Server and Communication cabinet upgrades

  • Free space optics

  • Fibre optic cabling and testing

  • Full design, planning & implementation

  • Copper installation of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7,

Full documentation which includes test results, plans, health and safety documentation Move existing and/or additional data and phone lines Repair of existing data, and phone cabling Re-termination & testing of existing network cabling & data cabling UK wide coverage.

In addition, we provide a 20 year no-quibble workmanship guarantee on all installations at no extra charge.