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Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards transform the learning or training environment.  The One Point can supply and install these within 1 week.

Interactive Whiteboards are large displays conncected via computer and projector that have interactive facilities.

The projector displays the connected computers desk top onto the display and interactivity is prompted by pen, finger mouse, keyboard or other device.

Interactive Whiteboards have become an increasingly popular way of engaging viewers, attracting attention and maintaining interest.

The product is found in a variety of settings:

Educational - School, College and University

Training - Health and Safety, Sales, Marketing

Corporate - Boardrooms

We have been designing, supplying and installing Interactive Whiteboard Systems for many years.

The Shop facility on The One Point site will be live shortly and will allow access to purchase direct.

For further information about designing, installing our purchase please contact us at the number above.