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How safe is your data?Our data back up services ensure that your data is safe and available from anywhere in the world.

  • Do you backup your data?
  • Do you check the backups?
  • Do they work?


If you are not sure of the answer to any of the above questions than you need to contact us sooner rather than later!

Companies are becoming more and more reliant on their IT systems and the data held on those systems. Consequently, ensuring that data is safe and always available is of the utmost importance. Losing one file is losing too much so make sure your data is where you need it, when you need it.

By using our remote back-up service you simply set a back-up policy then forget about it! You let our online back-up system do all the work for you by automatically and securely backing-up your data each night.

As your back-up systems will be online 24x7, if you lose any data, you are only a few clicks away from getting it back, instantly.

Remote, Automatic and Flexible

Provided as a managed service, Our backup solution does it all for you - it intelligently backs up your critical files to our remote storage server. Safe and secure, these are then held in an encrypted format for your total peace-of-mind "even we are unable to view your data".

Remote Backup Features:

  • Intelligent file selection and automatic version control for optimum speed and efficiency
  • Remote storage ensures quick disaster recovery and retrieval of deleted files
  • All data held online, not a tape in sight!
  • Offsite, secure data back-up across the Internet using 128K SSL security
  • Secure data storage using 448 bit Blowfish encryption
  • Safer storage: byte-level patch incremental backups means only changed parts of files are backed up
  • No need to resend interrupted files: disconnections are resumed from the last byte sent


  • Hands free' back-up, no more tape changes.
  • No more worries about off-site back-ups.
  • Deleted files and previous file versions can be quickly and easily restored.
  • Regular status emails to inform you of your backups status.

Don't let data loss be a disaster, contact us today and find out how we can give you peace-of-mind knowing that your data is being automatically and securely backed-up every night and that you can recover it - quickly!

Try our FREE 30 Day Trial and see just how simple it is to achieve?. With Data Safe Backup you need never worry about the security of your data again.